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About MEDtalks

MEDtalks is dedicated digital platform serving as a comprehensive source of medical knowledge along with a mix of expert insight and (local) perspective, interactive features, peer-reviewed journal articles, news, and accredited continuing education.

Visitors to the MEDtalks platform have:

·      Access clinical news, insights, and education
·      Create a custom user experience, selecting preferences for topics and activities that are most relevant to them;
·      Receive regular email updates with breaking news and carefully curated content;
·      Connect with the global network of medical professionals;
·      Learn about important continuing education meetings taking place around the world.

MEDtalks offers online video programs and innovative virtual online, hybrid and traditional meetings.  MEDtalks is working closely with medical societies such as ASCO and the EHA. With all content in one place, doctors will have access to even more information and insight to help improve decision-making and patient outcomes.